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Compliments of – Ana Moreno, MS, LMHC, CAP & Raymond Estefania, MS, LMHC, CAP

My history with Ray Estefania is a curious one that has come full circle… I started working with Ray over 4 years ago as I desperately searched for someone to help my son… At a time when I was devastated and paralyzed with fear and pain, he was able to guide me through the most heart wrenching and difficult decisions a parent must make with compassion, certainty and a firm and honest hand when necessary… His counsel, expertise and excellent treatment recommendations helped my son recover from a lifestyle that would have undoubtedly landed him in jail or taken his life. He helped me to save my son’s life for which I will be forever grateful…

But Ray’s work doesn’t end with the intervention and treatment of the patient, his services provide help for the entire family by providing counseling, education, after care and coaching. It was during this process where I slowly started to come to grips with the reality that my husband had a substance abuse and alcohol addiction. It took me 1-1/2 years after my son’s treatment to deal with my own denial, guilt and anger toward my husband… Truthfully, I minimized the severity of the problem all along because somewhere deep inside, I knew I certainly had something to do with this… This brought me to the next phase in my life where we worked with Ray. Once again, he successfully led us through another difficult and painful journey of recovery. His recommendations of different programs at different stages of my husband’s recovery were right on every time.

At the same time that he provided me with incredible support and guidance while my husband was away in treatment, he began to address a central issue in all individuals who live with any type of addictive behavior: codependency, namely, me!! After 30 years of care taking, enabling and rescuing (due to many circumstances in my life), Ray somehow made me comprehend that I too needed help, that I too was "addicted." This was probably one of the most difficult things for me to admit and accept throughout this whole process, but after so many years I was finally ready. For the third time now, Ray helped me to successfully make the best choices for treatment and support that fit my needs and circumstances.

I truly believe one of Ray’s "knacks" is how he is able to fit a program with each person’s individual needs and personality. His knowledge of addiction and mental health coupled with his familiarity and liaisons with programs across the world, allow him to successfully pair that individual’s or family’s needs with the precise treatment type and program. What started out as my son’s individual journey turned into the 4-year journey of an entire family… Ray helped us to navigate through experiences and circumstances that would tear most families apart. It has been a long, hard, painful process which continues everyday, but the results have been liberating and healing. Today I am blessed to live in a home where there is sobriety, respect, honesty and so much more peace and unity amongst its family members. Thank you Ray, for helping me save my son, my husband and helping me to face my own demons… God did hear my prayers!


Our family’s experience with Ray Estefania has been exceptional. When we realized our daughter needed help with depression and multiple addictions, we were flustered and bewildered about where to turn. Ray’s treatment methodology, professionalism, and accessibility was a key factor in the process of understanding the disease we are dealing with and in the process of healing for our entire family. He is responsive and understanding, while being firm and committed to being honest about the road to recovery. I feel 100% confident in recommending Ray’s services.

– Pamela L.

Being caught up in the realization that your son or daughter has any type of addiction can be a scary and confusing time. During this period of initial turmoil families are in a very vulnerable position and making a clear decision may seem like a daunting task. There is so much information in the internet and so much stigma still attached to these issues that we may not know who to turn to. We went to many doctors,therapists,psychologists, and psychiatrists and even with all those people involved we couldn’t get to the heart of the matter.Our family was blessed with a recommendation from a parent whom had succeeded with the help of Raymond Estefania and his team.We found a refuge and a degree of dedication,patience and commitment that I hadn’t found in other professionals in this field. Ray’s passion and level of involvement assured us that we were in the right place.Addiction is a monster and sometimes we need someone who wears a cape. Thank you for giving us our life back.

– Miriam S.

Our family had exhausted all our efforts to get my son the help he needed.
Our son had been in a steady decline for the past two years. Within two weeks of meeting with Ray Estefania and his team of professionals, my son is finally at a place that will provide him an excellent chance for recovery. Ray orchestrated an intervention conducted by him and our family in a loving, and dignified setting giving my son an excellent chance
to become a healthy productive member of society. Ray facilitated every step from beginning to end with reputable loving professionals ensuring us the best possible outcome. I felt familial support and finally have a sense of peace knowing that this situation exceeded anything I would have hoped for. I would unequicably recommend Ray to any family in crisis. His involvement will give your family the best chance for success. I am a forever grateful parent . Thank you Ray and Ana!

– Vivian Blumin

Ray has been instrumental in saving my daugther’s life.
We have been working with Ray Estefania over the past four weeks trying to get my daughter into a treatment program after we found out through a private investigator that she was using drugs and involved in other high risk behaviors brought about by her addiction. The pain was unbearable and I got through this process and a successful Intervention with Ray’s guidance and powerful knowledge of addiction and mental health. He imparts confidence and a sense of security. Besides being a powerful therapist and interventionist Ray works from a place of kindness and compassion that helped me stay sane through the process with my daughter.
I have inmense gratitude for what Ray has accomplished in a short period of time in our daugther’s dangerous and critical situation. He found the right treatment center for our daughter to go to where she is recovering from this disease of addiction. She responded very well to his sense of confidence and how he treated her with dignity.
My daughter is in a safe place today thanks to Ray’s powerful mental health Intervention and networking of treatment centers.

– Maria

Ray Estefania is THE person I would recommend for patients and families seeking help for treatment of addiction. He is a consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable about treatment modalities and facilities available throughout the country, a deeply insightful and caring therapist and a wonderful human being. His involvement has been instrumental in helping our child on the path to long-term sobriety.

– D. Katz, PHD

Ray was my drug treatment therapist almost 8 years ago. His counseling helped me to stay sober ever since. He is one of the most trustworthy and effective psychotherapists I’ve ever encountered. Ray can instill hope and motivation in the most hopeless cases. I’ll always respect and admire the professional that helped me when I needed it the most.

– Ali B.

I have gotten a great deal from my interaction with Ray. He is focused with each client but with a tailored approach applicable to each situation. He is flexible but with a consistency of treatment. He is experienced in the field(s) of addiction and provides a wealth of knowledge to the patient. I would definitely recommend him.

– Anonymous

Ray understands treatment, both from the side of his client’s and their families. His diagnostic skills and ability to motivate treatment resistant young people are un matched. I would recommend a family member in need to Ray in an instant.

– Chris P.

Raymond Estefania is an accomplished professional who provides exemplary services to his clients. I am happy to refer to him when the situation is right. I highly recommend him.

– Renee L. G.

Absolutely! I received the most helpful advice I ever have!

– Anonymous

I am the granmother of a 22 year old wonderful young man who has fallen to addiction. Ana Moreno has helped my daughter and son in law in making the right decisions to help my grandson. She has been amazing, not only for her knowledge and expertise, but really for her warmth and humor. She has helped us fight this disease as a system and where we all had things to learn. She has taught me that "nothing changes if nothing changes" and as stupid as that may seem, it is so true. We all, as a family system and members had to start the changes within us before starting to help our loved one. Ana thanks so very much for making our journey more bearable!!!!

– Analia

Ana is the most incredible human being on the face of this earth. She is my true favorite as she has helped me recover. She can really understand my struggles and has been an incredible help!!!!!!!

– Stella

Ana Moreno has lots of experience in the addiction field, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the ones who know nothing about. She has extensive experience working with individuals and their loved ones on addiction, co-dependency, process addictions and co-occurring disorders.

I have meet Ana Moreno in February 2012; I was highly referred to her. I have kept contact with her these past 3 years and I can only say she is one of the most qualified professional, ethical and excellent person I have met thus far. Aside all that she is truly passionate about her work. She sheds so much light in the darkest passages of this path to sobriety.

Ana guided my family and myself as mother and individual in the path of recovery of my son. As this is a chronic disease I have decided she stays on call. I highly recommend her!

– Starlight

In September, 2014, we discovered our daughter had relapsed and her life was in imminent danger from using drugs.

I remembered a friend who had spoken highly about Ana Moreno as having been instrumental in saving her daugther’s life in 2013 and supporting her family in ways beyond what is customary by today’s medical standards. I called her and she gave me Ana Moreno’s number.

From the first meeting we had with Ana Moreno, help came our way in two concrete ways: A plan was designed which included a professional intervention. We felt surrounded by peace, understanding and the highest quality of psychological services. Ana was in touch with us every single day regardless of the time. I would sometimes send Ana an email late at night or very early in the morning freaking out about something and I would get a response shortly after.

The emotional support that Ana Moreno gave my husband and I was nothing short of unconditional. We spent several sessions with her learning about how to create boundaries in our relationship with our daughter. We are also learning from Ana about this complex, and heartbreaking for everyone involved, disease called Addiction.

Ana Moreno researched and offered the perfect fit treatment center that would help our daughter through the first three months of her recovery. Our daughter has been healing emotionally and physically in this treatment center. She is now ready to move on to an aftercare treatment that Ana has researched and found for her where she will work on her recovery and take college courses.
Ana is ALWAYS there for us. Her psychological recommendations have given our daughter a second chance to a healthy and beautiful life. Her support and guidance has carried us through the most difficult time of our lives.

– Maria A.

Dr. Ana Moreno has been a blessing to our family. From the moment my husband and I stepped into her office, we began a wonderful journey of family wellness together. Our family is healthier today, and not afraid of taking "leaps of faith" under her guidance. We have made tremendous progress in the way we handle our daily challenges, trusting the process of change, implementing boundaries and consequences with our loved ones, navigating through the painful process of growth, but more importantly we have created a lasting bond with a very special human being that can never be broken. Dr. Moreno and her staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable, especially with adolescents and young adults. She helped us tremendously with our youngest daughter. If you or a loved one is stuck and struggling with a mental health disorder, substance abuse or family conflicts, I highly recommend Dr. Moreno.



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