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Substance Abuse Treatment in Miami, FL

Substance use evolves into addiction as people begin relying on drugs or alcohol for a reward or escape. Scientists now recognize addiction as a chronic disease caused by a malfunction of the brain’s circuitry. This change in brain activity leads to cravings, loss of control, and continued drug or alcohol use despite negative consequences.

At Family Recovery Specialists, our team of clinicians and substance abuse specialists brings healing and support to families facing the devastating consequences of substance abuse and addiction. While chemical dependency manifests itself differently between individuals, common symptoms include:

  • Inability to abstain from substance use
  • Physical & psychological cravings
  • Periods of relapse & remission
  • Altered judgment & lack of impulse control
  • Distorted thought processes & behaviors
  • Problems with learning & memory
  • Denial of chemical addiction
  • Emotional dysfunction
  • Poor relationship & conflict management
  • Abandonment of physical hygiene or self-care


Benefits of Our Drug Rehab in Miami

Many factors put adolescents and adults at risk for substance abuse, such as genetics, environmental circumstances, mood disorders, or exposure to trauma. After considering an individual’s substance abuse history, Family Recovery Specialists uses a comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment to develop an addiction treatment program tailored to the client’s needs.

Your unique recovery plan is rooted in evidence-supported methods and carefully designed to treat the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Attending our concierge drug rehab in Miami can prevent alcohol or drug misuse from progressing to long-term health problems or causing early death. At Family Recovery Specialists, our accredited team provides skilled, compassionate substance abuse services for teens and adults of all ages and backgrounds.


Substance Abuse Recovery & Whole-Body Wellness

Substance use disorders affect more than just behavior. Substance misuse develops insidiously into every facet of life: cognitive, emotional, relational, psychological and spiritual. The result is a deeply negative impact on interpersonal relationships, academics, occupational responsibilities, personal discipline, eating habits and day-to-day tasks. Addiction may also lead to co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, disordered eating, OCD or bipolar disorder.

No matter what your addiction history and mental health condition, Family Recovery Specialists takes a holistic approach to achieve healing in the mind, body, spirit and social realms. Customized recovery at our intensive outpatient addiction treatment center in Miami includes:

  • Medical detox (when necessary)
  • Pharmacologic therapy for co-occurring disorders
  • Group & individual therapy
  • Meditation & mindfulness
  • Alternative therapies for pain & withdrawal management
  • 12-step, SMART & Daring Way recovery programs
  • Relapse prevention & aftercare planning
  • Referrals to residential facilities or sober living communities
  • Disease education & life skills workshops
  • Recovery coaching and monitoring


Begin Your Recovery at Our Miami Drug Rehab

Recovery from drug and alcohol dependency should include a blend of therapy, self-management techniques and symptom management administered by Family Recovery Specialists’ experienced addiction professionals. In a well-appointed environment where guests feel welcome and supported, our team is proud to provide the multicultural Miami community with substance abuse treatment, family counseling, and intervention services.

To begin the admissions process or take a personal tour of our substance abuse rehab, call 305.595.7378 or submit a confidential online request. Offering healing for today and hope for tomorrow, we are honored to accompany you on the path to thriving wellness and a bright, sober future.

  • Florida Department of children and families
  • informedfamilies
  • natsp
  • naaptp
  • Network of Independent Interventionists
  • Therapeutic Consulting Association
  • The Daring Way
  • SMART Recovery
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