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    Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program for Adolescents and Adults:

    Family Recovery Specialists, in Miami Florida, provides a drug and alcohol intensive outpatient program for adolescents and adults who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction. We believe addiction is a primary, progressive and potentially fatal disease that can be successfully treated in the right program. FRS also understands that substance use disorders exist on a continuum and not everyone may be suffering with a disease process. Treatment is individualized and tailored to the person based on a thorough evaluation and mutually agreed upon goals. Our program consists of education, individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy and random drug screening for all participants. We provide highly individualized and comprehensive services for addiction and recovery and utilize best practices to serve all our clients and families.

    This program includes education about the physical, emotional and social risks associated with substance use. Clients are taught refusal skills and other coping mechanisms in order to make better choices related to living a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle free from substance use. Families are educated about substance abuse and the addictive disease process and taught how to best support their loved one in recovery. Patients and their families attend a weekly multi-family group counseling session where issues of communication, conflict resolution and recovery are processed. Families are provided direction and supported in order to learn new, more effective ways of communicating and relating to one another.

    Each patient undergoes a thorough bio-psycho-social assessment and specific substance abuse evaluation with a licensed professional counselor and addiction specialist. In our outpatient rehab we assess the level of substance involvement and examine all consequences related to use. In addition, we explore the family situation to determine what other support may be necessary for recovery. Other co-occurring mental health issues are also examined and a referral to a consulting psychologist/psychiatrist is made when necessary.

    We have developed relationships with many professionals from other disciplines who can provide additional services as needed. Research suggests that many of the individuals who abuse substances often have an underlying mental health issue. The individual could be suffering from depression, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder or another psychiatric disorder. If these underlying psychiatric issues are left untreated, the individual will be more likely to return to substance use. We feel strongly it is important to identify these issues early in the recovery process to increase the person’s chances of a successful outcome.

    Our Miami outpatient addiction rehab program meets four times per week (M-TH) from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Individual and family therapy appointments are scheduled at a time that is convenient for the client and family. All participants are encouraged to attend 12 step meetings in their community or utilize other forms of support like SMART Recovery. Family members are encouraged to attend Families Anonymous, Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meetings to engage with other families and obtain support and experience with 12 step concepts. The average length of stay is 2 months in the outpatient program but some individuals may require longer or shorter lengths of stay.

    Clients who successfully complete the intensive outpatient program are entitled to a weekly one hour aftercare meeting for ongoing support. At the time of discharge, we make additional recommendations for aftercare which may include individual and/or family therapy, follow up with psychiatrist or other mental health professional. We can provide these additional services or in some cases it may be more appropriate to refer the client to another professional.

    In the event a client is unable to remain abstinent in our Miami Intensive Outpatient Program, we will make an appropriate referral to a higher level of care. We are familiar with most programs across the country and can assist you or your loved one to find the best possible placement. We provide placement and addiction intervention services, recovery monitoring/coaching and aftercare coordination once an individual has successfully completed a residential type program. Please take the first step and contact us to set up an evaluation so we may determine if our drug and alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program in Miami can help you or someone you care about.

Addiction IOP Program Miami

*** This program is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families to provide substance abuse services in Miami, FL.

  • Florida Department of children and families
  • informedfamilies
  • natsp
  • naaptp
  • Network of Independent Interventionists
  • Therapeutic Consulting Association
  • The Daring Way
  • SMART Recovery
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