Outpatient Treatment Can Help People in Addiction Recovery

Not everyone who seeks help for a substance abuse or mental health issue has the luxury of being able to go to a residential addiction treatment center or has the desire to do so. Committing a significant amount of time and resources may not be possible for some, which could deter them from seeking treatment altogether. Sometimes inpatient services are not necessary for an individual and an experienced addiction and mental health clinician can determine if someone might be a good candidate for outpatient therapy.

Fortunately, outpatient addiction treatment is an option that doesn’t require a total upheaval of your entire life. While in an outpatient therapy program, you are simultaneously able to maintain personal responsibilities and receive much needed intensive therapy for a substance use disorder or a mental health issue. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for adults and adolescents who are struggling with substance abuse, addiction, a mental health disorder or a combination of these. We provide comprehensive services for our clients on a part-time yet intensive basis that is structured and tailored to minimize the impact on work, school or family obligations.

The admissions process at Family Recovery Specialists (FRS) begins with each client being thoroughly assessed by a licensed professional. Our criteria for admissions are based on the most widely accepted guidelines for placement of patients struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders as developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). This comprehensive assessment is made up of six dimensions including:

Once the evaluation has been conducted and any co-existing disorders are examined, our trained professionals make recommendations for treatment. Following the ASAM’s multi-dimensional guidelines, our clinicians identify the amount of support currently available to each person as well as the risks and the strengths in their current life. The appropriate level of care is based on a continuum that includes five broad levels of service (ranging from early intervention to medically managed intensive inpatient). Our comprehensive services include outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment. For anyone to be admitted into either of these levels of care, they are required to have minimal to no risk of severe withdrawal, low to moderate risk of relapse, they must have some family or peer support and they must have some motivation to seek treatment. In some cases, we can provide outpatient detoxification as well as medication-assisted treatment when deemed appropriate by our physicians.

After eligibility for an outpatient program is approved using this assessment, treatment is then customized for each client. Our IOP consists of individual counseling, education, family therapy, group therapy, recovery coaching and random drug screening for all participants. Along with education about the physical, emotional and social risks associated with substance use, clients are taught refusal skills and other coping strategies to help them make better choices related to living a healthy lifestyle free from addiction. I certain situations, we can even provide a level of outpatient treatment that is completely individualized and includes no group therapy for those who may not wish to participate in groups or who may have concerns about confidentiality.

In outpatient treatment there is an opportunity to begin building a lasting foundation for recovery at the very start of the treatment process. Our outpatient treatment program is available to those who require structure and support in their recovery process with the added benefit of being able to live at home and continue meeting their daily obligations like work or school. We also believe developing a long-term recovery support system in one’s own community while attending treatment can be a real advantage and can help set someone up for long-term success.

Here at FRS, we believe that addiction affects not only the person with the disorder but also the family and friends that care about them. Our program includes education for families, weekly multi-family group counseling, as well as private family therapy sessions. Education provides valuable information for family members about substance use and the addictive disease process, as well as information on how to best support a loved one. Research has proven that those clients whose families are engaged in the treatment process have higher success rates and tend to have a much more positive experience during their course of treatment. In our program, rebuilding important relationships begins day one of treatment and continues throughout the treatment process and into aftercare.

Once a client successfully completes the program at FRS, they are encouraged to attend a weekly aftercare meeting for ongoing support. Additional recommendations are made at the time of discharge, which often include:

  • Following up with a mental health professional for individual and/or family therapy.
  • Medication Management
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Monitoring or Other Types of Support

Our intensive outpatient program provides clients with the necessary guidance and support during treatment and after completion by helping the individual learn a wide range of valuable recovery skills they can practice in daily life. Thanks to our ability to customize our services, this approach to treatment is often more accessible to those who may not otherwise be willing to receive treatment and allows us to meet a client where they are and support their needs in a truly individualized way.

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