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Outpatient Detoxification

Our outpatient detoxification program is designed to help adults seeking to safely stop consuming alcohol and drugs. Outpatient detoxification allows you to get the care that you need without putting your life completely on hold. All of our services are offered at our Miami facility under the care of our addiction certified physicians and psychiatrists, allowing you to continue your activities of daily living without compromising on quality of care. People seeking our services will undergo a thorough medical and clinical evaluation to determine if they can safely benefit from an outpatient detox protocol. Our detox protocol lasts around 4-6 weeks but may vary depending on individual needs.

If deemed medically appropriate, medications can be used for the effective detoxification of substances. Some can be used to mitigate short-term withdrawal symptoms while others can assist in reducing the cravings to drink or use in the long-term.

Bio-Psycho-Social Evaluation

The first step in determining the addiction treatment services you need is to conduct a full bio-psycho-social evaluation, as well as a substance abuse history. In the addiction treatment program we assess the level of involvement with substances and the consequences related to alcohol and drug use. Any co-existing disorders are examined and then a recommendation is made based on the outcome of the evaluation. When necessary, our Medical Director can provide a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation in order to further assess and develop a complete treatment plan (substance abuse, drug abuse and alcohol abuse).

Outpatient Rehab Program

The drug and alcohol intensive outpatient program is recommended for an adolescent or adult that is abusing substances or already experiencing symptoms of the disease of addiction. This individual is often beginning to suffer consequences related to their substance use and may have significant impairment in overall functioning. In many cases, this individual has never received treatment for substance abuse or addiction and likely is very much in denial of the problem. Families are encouraged to participate in the outpatient rehab program where they will receive education and family counseling. This program meets four times per week for approximately eight weeks and includes education, group therapy, individual counseling, family therapy and random drug screening. All participants are encouraged to become involved in community support meetings (AA, NA) while in the program. Our outpatient program is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families to provide intensive outpatient addiction treatment services in Miami, Florida.

At-Risk Program

We offer an At-Risk Program for adolescents and young adults that are experimenting or abusing substances but may not have a more serious problem. These individuals typically are in the early stages of substance use and do not meet criteria for substance dependence. This program is more intensive than an individual/family therapy approach and provides education for the parents and the child, as well as individual therapy, family therapy and a group component. The program also explores the underlying reasons for a child’s experimentation with substances and teaches tools for making better decisions and avoiding further substance use. This is an early intervention program that can prevent a child from continued exploration and the consequences related to substance use. Research indicates adolescents and young adults are at much higher risk to develop addiction therefore early intervention is key and the At-Risk program can provide the skills necessary to avoid the progression of substance abuse and chemical dependency. Parents are required to participate in this program as a major focus of our approach is to educate families and address any family dynamics that may be contributing to poor decision making in the young person. Let us tailor an individualized plan for your family and work toward a mutual goal of helping your loved one realize his or her potential and ability to live a happy, healthy and drug free lifestyle.

Intervention/Placement/Therapeutic Consulting

As a loved one of a person who suffers from the disease of addiction, there comes a time when we need to do something different to help the addicted individual. Addiction is a disease that involves denial of the illness and the sick person often is unable to recognize how impaired they have become due to the alcohol and drug involvement. We do not believe that a family must wait for the addicted individual to “hit bottom” before they can be helped. In fact, it is our philosophy that we can “raise the bottom” for these individuals and compassionately encourage and motivate them to seek treatment through the process of an addiction intervention through our Miami substance abuse interventionists. The intervention process can only begin once the family has decided they are no longer willing to live in the face of active addiction. Family Recovery Specialists can help the family prepare for an intervention in a manner that is compassionate and that will allow the addicted individual to maintain their dignity, while increasing their willingness to accept help. Family Recovery Specialists will guide you through the process of intervention and help you secure the best possible treatment for your loved one. We meet you where you are and help you to start the process of recovery for your entire family.

Concierge Crisis and Case Management:

Family Recovery Specialists in Miami, FL is committed to guiding you through the most difficult process of substance abuse, drug abuse and alcohol abuse treatment and recovery. The staff at our Miami drug rehab program is available to you during the difficult moments of this journey, to help alleviate some of your stress and confusion. Our years of experience and specific expertise allow us to provide direction and help you make the best decisions, particularly in times of crisis. We remain in communication with treatment facilities while your loved one is away, we stay committed to helping your family continue the healing process and prepare you for the eventual return of your loved one. We know how stressful it can be to manage a person who is in constant crisis. We can support and provide crucial direction that will ultimately result in you feeling more confident and secure in the possibilities of recovery for your family.

Recovery Coaching and Monitoring:

Upon completion of a alcohol and drug rehab program, the recovering person is hopefully ready to begin a new life, free from the devastating effects of chemical dependency. They are beginning their journey of recovery, integrating back into living in a world where there are real world expectations, challenges and triggers. Early recovery is a vulnerable time but with comprehensive support services, accountability and monitoring, the chances of remaining sober increase dramatically. The first year of recovery is the most challenging by far and research shows this is the most common time for relapse. Family Recovery Specialists has the expertise to assist in this process, provide the necessary support and increase your chances of success. We help with ensuring you are coping effectively with school/work, meeting attendance, sponsorship, step work, and assignments. We want to help you take ownership of your hard work in recovery so you can achieve all your goals for success.

Individual and Family Counseling:

We provide individual and family therapy with unique and specific goals targeted for the individual as part of our Miami addiction treatment services. We provide these services for individuals and families going through the recovery process as well as for most other mental health issues. We specialize in providing individual and family therapy to adolescents and young adults but we also work with older adults and parents who want to become more effective at home.

What to Expect:

Our first meeting will consist of an evaluation where we will discuss your history, concerns and understand your personal goals. This may involve a meeting with your family so that we may gather more information and understand your issues from a different perspective. We will always respect your privacy but we also know how important family support is in the recovery process. We will make a recommendation that is based on all the information obtained, utilizing our extensive experience and expertise. We want to give you the best chance of meeting your goals and securing a life free from alcohol and other drugs. Family Recovery Specialists in Miami, Florida will outline a plan that gives you or your loved one the best possible chance for recovery. If we are not the right program for you, we will help you find the best possible treatment to meet your needs. We meet you where you are in the addiction recovery process and work to find the best solution for you.

Addiction Treatment Services Miami

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