Family Recovery Specialists offers adolescent and adult counseling, treatment and consulting in Miami, Florida. We treat the unique needs of those who suffer from substance use disorders and mental health issues. Our highly individualized and comprehensive approach to treatment can help you or a loved one break free from the devastating effects of addiction. By making use of all of the resources at our disposal, we consistently work to bring the highest level of quality in every aspect of treatment.

We use evidence-based practices in our treatment approaches and are constantly striving to provide families with the most innovative and customized treatment experience offered in this type of treatment setting. FRS provides evaluations, treatment, intervention, and other addiction and recovery related services to help your family begin the lifelong process of recovery.

Our staff is mostly bilingual and can provide services in English and Spanish. We are accustomed to working with individuals and families from diverse backgrounds and are uniquely qualified to work with many multicultural needs.

Facility Features

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    Our programs are designed to allow clients and their families to participate in regular therapies while having the flexibility of living at home. We utilize the latest clinically proven techniques to address the mental, behavioral, and emotional root of the addiction.

  • Family Programs

    We know that addiction is a family disease, so we aim to include the family in the treatment process as much as possible. From start to finish, we want to make sure our clients have the home support they need to stay accountable in their recovery.

  • Adolescent Treatment

    Addiction affects every race, background, educational level, and age. It does not discriminate. That’s why our programs include the younger generations into the treatment fold. We want to make sure that addiction is prevented and treated in the adolescent population whenever possible.

Family Recovery Specialists treats the whole individual, including their physical, psychological, behavioral, social and spiritual components. We use evidence-based approaches that focus on healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices for adolescents and adults.

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Making the Delphi Difference

As a proud member of Delphi Behavioral Health Group, we work to exemplify the Delphi Difference in everything we do. This means that we maintain a commitment to excellence in substance abuse treatment. We aim to raise the standard of treatment right here in Miami and also across the country. To do this, we utilize caring and compassionate staff members who are fully licensed in addiction therapy. We also facilitate intimate environments with a low client-to-staff ratio so that every person receives the attention and respect they deserve.

Delphi’s family of addiction treatment centers spans across five states and offers the entire continuum of treatment. From detox to continuing care, we have the resources to meet you wherever you are along your recovery journey. We understand that the longer you stay in treatment, the better your chances of long-term sobriety. Some of our centers provide holistic therapies and medication-assisted treatment. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, Delphi's facilities have something for everyone. Don’t let addiction take hold—let us help you live a life free from the grip of substance abuse.